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Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray - #1252 / 1255 12Oz. / 24Oz.
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Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray - #1252 / 1255 12Oz. / 24Oz.

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray - 12oz. or 24oz.

For hunters that want the very finest in scent control, New Scent Killer Gold from Wildlife Research Center is the new Ultra-Premium line of human scent elimination products. Each of these products is the premium formula and designed to perform even better. You can never eliminate 100% of human odor, but it is important to take steps to eliminate as much as you can. Your time in the field is extremely valuable and improving your odds for a successful hunt is important. If the deer downwind from you are comfortable and moving freely, then Scent Killer has done its job. When you're ready for the Gold Standard in scent elimination break out the Scent Killer Gold, it's amazing.

Ultra-Premium clothing and boot spray.
  • Even more odor fighting power than Super Charged Scent Killer.
  • Comprehensive formula attacks existing odors at multiple levels.
  • Simultaneously helps prevent new odors from forming.
  • Keeps working, even after drying.
  • Extended performance formula works for days.

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