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Smelly Jelly Proguide Formula - 4 Oz. Jar
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Smelly Jelly Proguide Formula - 4 Oz. Jar

Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula - 4oz. Jar

Smelly Jelly Scents are among the most popular fish attractants on the market today. Smelly Jelly has taken the essence of each forage species and concentrated it before mixing it in a jelly base. The jelly will stick to whatever you apply it to and stay there longer. The Pro Guide Formula comes in large, four-ounce jars specifically for anglers who spend a lot of time on the water. You can use Smelly Jelly to mask your scent after handling lures and as an attractant to bring fish to the bait. When they bite, the natural flavor will make them hold on longer. The Pro Guide Formula scents work for all game fish, try one the next time you tie on a jig or worm.

  • 310 Shrimp
  • 330 Crawfish
  • 340 Salmon Egg  
  • 350 Special Mix (Shrimp/Anise)
  • 360 Crawfish/Anise
  • 362 Bass Max (Shellfish/Shrimp Blends)
  • 364 Salmon Hammer (All Shrimp Blends with Anise)  
  • 372 Bass Hammer (Crawfish/Craw Daddy Blend)
  • 374 Salmon Feast 
  • 376 Sand Shrimp 
  • 380 Herring
  • 382 Bass 2000
  • 384 Nite Crawler
  • 388 Bass Feast (Crawfish Blends with Garlic)
  • 390 Anchovy
  • 394 Sardine
  • 398 Sturgeon Feast
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