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Pro-Cure Bad Azz Dye Powder - 4 Oz. Jar
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Pro-Cure Bad Azz Dye Powder - 4 Oz. Jar

Pro-Cure® Bad Azz Dye Powder - 4 oz. Jar
This is the perfect dye for big jobs. Whether you're dying a few dozen herring, ballyhoo, or 10 pounds of prawns, this is the way to go. Pure concentrated bait dyes go a long way in dying large quantities of bait. In just a few years the brilliant Bad Azz fluorescent colors have become legendary. Bad Azz Bait Dyes are recommended to be used in conjunction with Brine 'n Bite Bait Brine.
  • DB-BLUE - Metallic Blue
  • DB-CHR - Chartreuse Lime Fluorescent
  • DB-ORG - Fire Orange Fluorescent
  • DB-PINK - Bright Pink Fluorescent
  • DB-PUR - Deep Purple
  • DB-RED - Brilliant Fluorescent Red

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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