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Primos Rubberneck Deer Call
Primos Rubberneck Deer Call
Primos Rubberneck Deer Call

With the push of a button, the RubberNeck converts from a mature buck grunt to a young buck grunt or a doe Estrus Bleat. Just like the Power Buck & Doe there are many times when you think that a buck won't respond to your grunt, it's because he can't hear you. If you bleat at him first to get his attention then grunt at him, most of the time he will respond. For the ultimate tone and volume control, just squeeze the megaphone end. You can use the call with the traditional lanyard around your neck or strap it to your arm for easy accessibility in critical moments.

Made completely of rubber.
Converts from a mature buck, young buck grunt or a doe Estrus bleat with the push of a button.
Squeeze the megaphone end for the ultimate tone and volume control.
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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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