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Primos Original Wench Duck Call
Primos Original Wench Duck Call
Primos Original Wench Duck Call

All Wenches feature ridges and ditches on the sounding board that give the call its raspy highs and lows and keep the call from sticking. In addition to ridges and ditches, the Original Wench features a tuning hole in the bell or stopper, which allows you to change the pitch of the call and sound like two different ducks. Covered, the call is lower in pitch and uncovered it is higher. Perfect for timber and open water calling. You won't be disappointed.

Tuning hole in stopper/bell allows you to vary pitch.
Covered, the pitch is lower; uncovered, the pitch is higher.
Super-hard polycarbonate barrel for intense volume.
The economical choice for the hard core waterfowl hunter who seeks accuracy & versatility.
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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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