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Pautzke Bait Company Nectar - 8 Oz.
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Pautzke Bait Company Nectar - 8 Oz.

Pautzke Bait Co.® Nectar® - 8 oz. Bottle
A natural scent for anglers looking to increase their catch rates, Nectar® is a natural scent available for trout, salmon, steelhead, kokanee and catfish anglers looking to increase their catch rates. Nectar is made from cooked salmon eggs. It's the natural juice that runs off the Pautzke patented egg cooking process and is embraced by most species. It's a liquid formula that can be squirted straight onto bait and lures or soaked in baits. In areas where chumming is legal the Nectar® is often mixed in with sour milk, grains and bran.
Nectar is extremely effective for Kokanee and can be used to soak corns that anglers tip their hooks with when Kokanee fishing. Others chum with the Nectar® to draw kokanee into the area. If this isn't legal, generously apply the Nectar® to Kokanee lures and baits. For decades anglers have applied the Nectar into their egg cures as well.
Nectar is a prime scent for catfish anglers. Since eggs are a natural occurrence in most waters, catfish feed on eggs from most species and are drawn in to the scent eggs emit. With Nectar being the runoff from salmon eggs it's a given that catfish love the smell of Nectar®. Apply it to all catfish baits for increased catch rates. 
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