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Mtm Arrow Plus Case - Black
Mtm Arrow Plus Case - Black
MTM Arrow Plus Case - Black

Made of luggage-grade plastic, the Arrow-Plus case is uniquely styled for several uses. It has the capacity for 36+ arrows (up to 35" total length arrows), or 18 arrows and an average-sized quiver. In addition, this arrow case can hold two removable sights by their sight bars. It was designed for the older removal sight bars and may not be able to hold the more modern removal sights. Four large compartments are designed to hold wrist guards, tabs, stabilizers, scents, foot steps, range finders, etc. Or, you can use them to hold the MTM broadhead accessory box where the built-in broadhead wrench will always be at your fingertips. Additional features are snap latches which resist impact resistant openings and double padlocks tabs for security.

36" x 10.2" x 5.24"
For arrows up to 35" total length
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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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