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Dr Juice 8Oz. Super Juice - Tournament Salmon/Trout
Dr Juice 8Oz. Super Juice - Tournament Salmon/Trout
SKU: BLU06-20-500
Dr. Juice 8oz. Super Juice - Tournament Salmon/Trout Scent

Dr. Juice Super Juice can more than double your catch according to results of charter boat captains,  guides and tournament pros. Super Juice Tournament Scents are "species specific", employing the exact sent ingredients that these fish find irresistible.  Super Juice Tournament Scent contains both oils and water soluble ingredients, the same as natural living bait. It combines both scent and taste ingredients that large wary species crave. It drives them to hit harder and hand on longer.

Super Juice is the only fish scent that contains these powerful strike stimulants:
  • Sex Pheromones - triggers aggressive and territorial behavior.
  • Fear Pheromones - naturally released from injured bait fish, attract & excite predator fish.
  • Special Amino Acid Profile - targets the fish’s olfactory organ to stimulate strikes.
  • MF3 - a new potent fish feeding stimulant derived from soft shell crawfish, drives fish wild.

Convenient pump spray bottle - 8 fl oz.

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