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Dick Nite Gel Attractants
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Dick Nite Gel Attractants

Dick Nite® Gel Attractants - 2 OZ.
“The Science of Scent” DNA (Dick Nite Attractants) are gel formulas that are thick and will adhere to hard baits, soft baits and real bait. The gel lets the Dick Nite or any lure maintain its action while adding the scent attractant properties. These formulas are made from all natural ingredients; not chemical creations mixed together to smell like the real thing - they ARE the real thing! DNA is available in 4 formulas that were individually formulated to work for a specific species. Check the ingredients for additional species you may want to try these very effective scents on.  For example, the Shad Gel is made up of Shrimp and Krill and could certainly be used effectively for Sturgeon.

Target Species


Shad Gel

Shrimp & Krill

Salmon Gel

Herring, Anchovy, Squid & Krill

Trout Gel

Tui Chub, Threadfin Shad & Shrimp

Kokanee Gel

Corn, Shrimp, Krill & Anise

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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