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Deadly Effective Smelly Jelly - 1 Oz. Jar
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Deadly Effective Smelly Jelly - 1 Oz. Jar

Deadly Effective Smelly Jelly  - 1oz. Jar

As soon as you open the jar, you know that fish can't help but smell this stuff. Smelly Jelly Scent has taken the pure essence of each forage species and mixed in a special jelly base with the consistency of Vaseline. This stuff really sticks to your lures. Try it on a jig, worm, or hard bait and experience a fish that won't let go. Choose your favorite scent, and see if it doesn't produce more bites. You can use Smelly Jelly to mask your scent after handling lures and as an attractant to bring fish to the bait. When they bite, the natural flavor will make them hold on longer.


132 Crawfish/Salt/Glitter
100 Herring/Salt
110 Shrimp
140 Salmon Egg
136 Crawdaddy Blend
102 Herring/Anise
114 Shrimp/Glow
144 Salmon Egg/Glow
182 Nitecrawler/Glitter
103 Herring/Glow
116 Shrimp/Salt
146 Salmon Egg/Salt
184 Nitecrawler/Salt
104 Herring/Glitter
118 Shrimp/Salt/Glitter
148 SalmonEgg/Glitter
188 Crawfish/Salt
138  Crawfish/Anise/Glow
180 Anise
230 Garlic
254 Bass Hammer
150 Special Mix*
256 Krill Extra
264 Trout Feast
160 Squid
266 Krill Extra w/Egg
191 Anchovy/Salt
192 Anchovy/Glitter
166 Walleye Feast
222 Sardine/Glitter
240 Salmon Feast
248 Sand Shrimp
260 Lamprey Eel
262 Salmon Hammer
276 Herring Garlic
278 Tuna Garlic
280 Salmon and
 Steelhead Supreme

* Shrimp/Anise
Attractant Scents:

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