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Beau Mac Steelhead Slayer: Chartreuse
Beau Mac Steelhead Slayer: Chartreuse

Beau Mac Steelhead Slayer
Emerald Green with Chartreuse Yarn

Steelhead Slayers are a buoyant drifter with a soft and chewy lure. The Slayer has a red bead on the hook, a color that is proven to attract those big Steelhead, Salmon and trophy Trout alike. In addition, the foam float and colorful Cheater & trade Yarn help keep the Slayer bouncing just above the bottom as well as holding onto your scent of choice. Steelhead Slayers are tied with a #1/0 hook on 54" of 10lb. test line.

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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