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Bagley Diving Balsa B2 2.25 in.
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Bagley Diving Balsa B2 2.25 in.

Bagley Diving Balsa B2 2.25"

This is the fastest-diving crankbait made: big bodied and lead-lipped, with a dive-bomb descent angle that gets straight to hanging bass and a thumping balsa body action that ignites a violent strike. Unleash over a dropoff for suspended fish, or crank along a rocky bottom to draw eager predators like a free lunch.


  • Deeper depth calls for 12-15 pound test used with medium tackle.
  • Use the rapid plunge to reach fish hanging by dropoffs or deep shorelines, balancing balsa buoyancy, water-pushing lip and medium retrieve to create a strong wobble.
  • Length: 2.25"
  • Weight: 5/8 oz
  • Depth: 10-12'

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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