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Atlas-Mike's Uv Super Scent – 4Oz. Flip-Top Bottle
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Atlas-Mike's Uv Super Scent – 4Oz. Flip-Top Bottle

Atlas-Mike's® UV Super Scent - 4oz. Flip-top Bottle 
Lures and baits can now fluoresce with "UV" Super Scent! Special "UV" features help attract fish from greater distances, giving anglers an advantage. Fish see your bait like "a flashing mirror" drawing them closer so the powerful scents and bite stimulants trigger the strike! It makes all lures and baits more effective; fish love it! Apply directly to lures, plastics and baits to increase effectiveness. Then fish in your normal manner and be prepared to catch more fish.


  • 6602 Sardine
  • 6603 Anise
  • 6604 Garlic
  • 6606 Shrimp
  • 6608 Herring
  • 6614 Salmon
  • 6615 Trout
  • 6641 Anise/Krill
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