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AQUASEAL For Leather - 4oz. Pump
AQUASEAL For Leather - 4oz. Pump
SKU: TRON806-2242
Aquaseal For Leather - 4oz. Pump

Water is the biggest cause of the premature deterioration of leather. Repeated wettings and dryings rob it of the oils that keep leather supple. It becomes brittle and inflexible. AQUASEAL leather waterproofing products protect and preserve leather for long life and comfort.


  • Thwarts water from soaking leather and the resulting damage done to its fibers.
  • Conditions by adding back lost oils that keep leather from becoming dry and brittle.
  • Quick application using a convenient pump spray.
  • For all types of smooth & grained finished leathers.

Usage Tips

Leather should be free of dirt and grime. Some darkening may occur. Test in a hidden small area before applying to all. Shake well. Holding sprayer 6” away, apply an even coat to the surface. Let dry for 1 hour. Apply second coat. Dry overnight. If light haze appears, brush/buff lightly. Reapply as weather and wear requires it.

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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