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Smokehouse Little Chief Smoker Replacement Element
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Smokehouse Little Chief Smoker Replacement Element

Smokehouse® Little Chief Smoker Replacement Element
How do you know if you need a new element? Your heating element is working properly if the genuine Smokehouse® Chips 'n Chunks® Wood Chips start to smoke within 20 minutes and are completely burned within 60 minutes. Most Little Chief® Electric Smokehouse® Smokers use "O" shape elements. (shown above)

If your smoker does not work properly please carefully check the following:

  •    Is the electric power connected properly to the smoker?
  •    Are the fuses or breakers associated with your outlet working properly?
  •    Is the cord connection to the 110-120V wall outlet solid?
  •    Is the cord firmly plugged in the back of the smoker?
  •    Are you using an extension cord that is too long or lightweight?
  •    Is the smoker protected for wind, rain and cold?*
  •    Is the wood chip pan positioned directly over the heating element?
  •    Are you using genuine Smokehouse® Chips 'n Chunks® Natural Wood Chips?**

When you have checked all the above items and the smoker is still not working properly, you may need a new Smokehouse® heating element.

*   A Smokehouse® Insulation Blanket (9999-940) can help prevent the wind and cold from affecting the  temperature.
**  Other brands of chips may be too coarsely or finely ground for proper operation.
Smokehouse Element:

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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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