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Gunvault Gv2000 Multi - Standard
Gunvault Gv2000 Multi - Standard
GunVault GV2000 MultiVault - Standard

The MultiVault has a rock-solid construction with an outside constructed of 16-gauge steel. Soft foam on the inside protects valuables and high-strength lock mechanism performs reliably, time after time. 

Foolproof Security:
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.
  • Tamper indicator alerts you to invalid entry attempts.

Customizable Convenience:

  • Battery power provides maximum security and easy portability.
  • Mounts almost anywhere, in any direction.
  • "Learn buttons" make it easy to program over 12 million user-selectable access codes.

Advanced Access:

  • Conveniently located keypad is easy to use.
  • Unique No-Eyes® Keypad allows for quick access.
  • Audio feedback confirms each correct keypad entry.
  • Audio disable option adds the security of operating in silent mode.


  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.1"w x 7.9"h x 14"d
  • Power Supply: 8AA Batteries
  • Body Thickness: 16 ga.
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Order By Phone 800-859-4694

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